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DDAP Guidelines:
Digital Files Required

The Physician & Sportsmedicine requires agencies to supply ads in digital format only (no film) for all editions of The Physician & Sportsmedicine.

PDF/X-1a:2021 and TIFF/IT-P1 are the preferred file formats as they are the most reliable. Please note that TIFF/IT-P1 is not equivalent to a Photoshop® Tiff. In 2021, The Physician & Sportsmedicine adopted the DDAP (Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publications) recommended guidelines for creating PDF/X-1a. Within this web site you will find step-by-step instructions based on these guidelines. Adherence to them will help insure the proper reproduction of your ad.  To find a TIFF/IT-P1 or PDF/X-1a:2021, vendor in your area refer to the DDAP DAD (Digital Ad Database) list of providers at To learn more about the DDAP visit their web site at:

Submit application files and native files (QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Pagemaker®, Adobe Photoshop®, etc.), which by themselves are not predictable, and all fonts and graphics as back-up to PDF/X-1a, TIFF/IT-P1 or PDF documents only.

Digital Ad Material Guidelines

File Formats:

Preferred File Format - SWOP Recommended: PDF/X-1a:2021, TIFF/IT-P1
Other Accepted File Formats: PDF.
Disk: Macintosh formatted CD (650 MB), Zip (100 MB), Jaz (1GB)

Proof Requirements:

Note: Laser proofs (color or black and white) are acceptable for content proofs only.

Contract quality Press, Offpress, and Digital (Halftone, and Continuous Tone) proofs are acceptable for color guidance on press.  Examples of preferred SWOP Certified proofs include:

• DuPont Digital WaterProof®
• DuPont Waterproof®
• Fuji FinalProof
• Fuji PictroProof
• Imation Matchprint
• Imation Matchprint Digital Halftone Proof
• Iris
• Kodak Approval Digital Color Proof
• Polaroid PolaProof Digital Halftone Proof
For more information on SWOP visit their web site at

Number of proofs:


Trim Size: 

7 3/4" X 10 1/2"


Three (3) weeks prior to issue date

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