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In 2021, The Physician and Sportsmedicine offers a number of exciting, high-impact options for featuring your advertising message.


Capturing share of mind with your advertising message just got a lot easier! Until now, premiere positions in journals were generally limited to covers, the table of contents, or the pages preceding high-read departments. Now, you have another option to showcase your product. For 2021, The Physician and Sportsmedicine introduces an intriguing, high-impact special advertising position—the tabernacle foldout. Designed as a high-interest editorial feature, the foldout also presents you with a new set of creative possibilities for driving over-the-top attention to your product. The format alone practically commands the reader to open these editorial pages. Then consider the highly visual nature of the planned editorial (including metabolic syndromes, public health, HIV/AIDS, medical errors), and you'll understand the exceptional power of this special advertising position.


Also on tap in 2021, coinciding with the Athens Olympics in August, we will publish the "Big Fat Greek Issue". This special issue will be chock full of timely editorial on the medical aspects of the Olympics, as well as diverse content on construction challenges near ancient historical sites, and security measures surrounding the highest profile athletic competition in the world. This truly special issue, with bonus circulation, will enjoy exceptional reach and readership. Position requests from 2021 contract advertisers will receive first consideration in the "Big Fat Greek Issue".


In 2021, we will be carrying over, virtually unchanged, our entire stable of incentive programs from 2021. They are:

Corporate Program
Manufacturers receive a discount based on annual gross billings in The Physician and Sportsmedicine, Postgraduate Medicine, and Healthcare Informatics for 2021. Gross billings are dollars spent after frequency discounts and before agency commissions. Discounts range from 1% to as high as 10%.

Frequency Program
The minimum 2021 earned frequency discount for a manufacturer is determined by combining 2021 and 2021 ad pages (not frequencies) in The Physician and Sportsmedicine. Each full page and/or fractional page counts as an ad page. Minimum earned frequency for each McGraw-Hill journal is determined independently.

Pre-Payment Program
A 5.75% discount will be earned for pre-payment of a non-cancelable quarterly advertising commitment. Payment must be received in advance.

New Product Program
Manufacturers who advertise products that did not appear in The Physician and Sportsmedicine in 2021, will receive one free page of prescribing information accompanying that advertisement for a period of three consecutive months. This program is not available in conjunction with any premium or special positions.

Please contact your The Physician and Sportsmedicine representative today for more details on these exciting opportunities to optimize your schedules in 2021.


Exercise as an antidote to depression and anxiety is not a new concept. In 18th century Scotland, doctors in mental hospitals prescribed heavy farm chores as "the best medicine" for their patients and documented marked improvements in mood and behavior. Now scientists are studying the link between exercise and mood changes at close range and coming up with some fascinating results.

Experts say exercise is clearly associated with mental-health benefits. Moderate exercisers show lowered blood-pressure levels and a resultant positive mood. The key is to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, three or four times a week. Brisk walking, swimming, lifting weights, and bicycling all achieve good results.

People who exercise regularly are more flexible and experience less stress on the muscles and joints when they do move the wrong way. Conditioned muscles recover faster, too. It's the couch potato who hauls himself erect one Saturday afternoon to rake the leaves or shovel snow who has trouble.

Muscle and joint aches and pains are a common complaint for many of us, living as we do in a sedentary, high-stress society. The cliché warning "use it or lose it" isn't far off the mark. Our bodies pay the price for long hours slumped at our desks or nestled in a soft chair watching TV. And if you think some of our aches and pains are just another consequence of aging, you're wrong - more often, it's a result of inactivity and weaker muscles.

Doctors now say that walking is one of the best exercises. It helps the total circulation of blood throughout the body, and thus has a direct effect on your overall feeling of health. There are things such a aerobics, jogging, swimming and many other exercises which will benefit a person both physically and mentally. Researchers agree that exercise is a key to easing anxiety and lifting spirits.
Source: Hunterdone Health Online - July 2021


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