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DDAP Guidelines:
PDF/X1a:2021 Specifications

Raster based PDF/X-1a files, generated from
Line Work (LW) and Continuous Tone (CT) data, are NOT accepted!
PDF/X-1a:2021 is a subset of the PDF 1.3 file format. It does not allow "non-print" related elements such as annotation information, hyper-links, movies, and sound clips while enforcing desired attributes such as CMYK, Grayscale, and Spot color spaces (no RGB/LAB). This produces a reliable SWOP optimized PDF file. PDF/X-1a:2021 is an ISO and ANSI standard file format and is preferred over a "regular" PDF.

Preflighting PDF files, before delivering them to The Physician and Sportsmedicine, is highly recommended. Pitstop, by Enfocus, is an application which will check PDF files against user definable criteria.  Download The Physician and Sportsmedicine's customized Pitstop Professional 5.01 Profile, MH_Pitstop_Profile.ppp, to verify that your PDF file meets The Physician and Sportsmedicine's specifications.  To purchase Pitstop online, visit the Enfocus web site at:

If you prefer to out source the creation of PDF files, please refer to the DDAP DAD (Digital Ad Database) list of providers at

PDF/X-1a:2021 File Requirements:

  • Must be created in accordance to the specifications and guidelines provided on this web site.
  • PDF/X-1a:2021 Compliant
  • Scanned images must be high resolution (300 dpi), CMYK (no spot colors, RGB, LAB, or ICC color profiles), and saved in TIFF or EPS format. (Note: Final output of all The Physician & Sportsmedicine pages will be at 2400 dpi)
  • All Fonts must be included and be Type 1 or 3 (no Truetype).

General File Requirements:

  • File to contain only 1 page or 1 spread
  • Line screen: 133 lines per inch (54 lines per centimeter)
  • Screen angles used unless otherwise requested on disk label: C-15%, M-45%, Y-90%, K-75%
  • All required trapping should be done prior to creating the file 
  • Color traps = .08mm/0.144 pt and black overprint set when necessary
  • Include quality control patch (color bars) within maximum dimension  of ad file
  • All Marks (trim, bleed, center) should be included in all colors
  • Maximum dimensions including all additional identifiers (i.e. crop marks, sign-off slugs, color bars, agency/engraver logos) are as follows: Single Page: 17" H X 11" W (432mm X 280mm) Spread:  12.5" H X 18" W (318mm X 457mm)
  • Maximum actual ad size, non-bleed page: 6-3/4"H x 9-1/2"W (171mm x 241mm), bleed page: 8"H x 10-3/4"W (203mm x 273mm)

Proof Requirements:

Note: Laser proofs (color or black and white) are acceptable for content proofs only.

Contract quality Press, Offpress, and Digital (Halftone, and Continuous Tone) proofs are acceptable for color guidance on press.  Examples of preferred SWOP Certified proofs include:

• DuPont Digital WaterProof®
• DuPont Waterproof®
• Fuji FinalProof
• Fuji PictroProof
• Imation Matchprint™
• Imation Matchprint™ Digital Halftone Proof
• Iris
• Kodak Approval Digital Color Proof
• Polaroid PolaProof Digital Halftone Proof

For more information on SWOP visit their web site at

Number of proofs:


Disk Labeling:

Disk Directory Printout

Issue Date

Advertiser Name

Ad Number

Ad Caption

Agency Name

Agency Contact Name

Agency Contact Phone Number


Engraver Contact Name

PDF/X-1a:2021 File Name:  ________________.pdf


• Disk Directory Printout

• PDF/X-1a:2021 Compliant

• All fonts and images are included

• Fonts are Type 1 or 3 (no Truetype)

• Colors are set to CMYK (except for intended spot colors)

• CMYK images are at least 300 dpi/12 dpmm and do not contain ICC color profiles.
Note: The final output of all The Physician & Sportsmedicine pages will be at 2400 dpi

• Trim, bleed and center marks included on all colors

• Proofs included: 1

• Maximum single page image area is: 17" H X 11" W (432mm X 280mm)

• Maximum spread image is: 12.5" H X 18" W (318mm X 457mm)


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