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Privacy Notice

Contacting us via e-mail reveals your e-mail address and any other information you include. We will use this information to help us fulfill your order or respond to your inquiry. Occasionally, McGraw-Hill Healthcare shares data collected about customers and prospects with other units of The McGraw-Hill Companies or with reputable companies outside of The McGraw-Hill Companies, whose products or services we feel may be of interest to you. Many of our customers find these mail promotions valuable, whether they are shopping for merchandise, taking advantage of a special offer, or purchasing unique services. All information is stored in a secure database in the U.S. and access is limited to authorized persons.

If you would like to confirm the accuracy of the information we have collected from you, or if you have questions about the uses of this information, please mail a written request to:

Stephen Rose
Group Publisher/General Manager
McGraw-Hill Healthcare Information
4530 W. 77th St.
Suite 350
Edina, MN 55435

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