Current Issue
Volume: 38
Number: 4
Index: December 2010
Clinical Focus:Respiratory Care
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December 2010
Clinical Focus: Respiratory Medicine
  • Asthma and the athlete
    • Vocal cord dysfunction
    • Exercise-induced asthma
    • Exercise-induced bronchospasm
  • COPD
    • Obesity and COPD
    • Relationship between COPD and nutrition intake
  • Treatment options for steroid-induced osteoporosis in men
  • Treatments for asthma
    • Bronchodilators, anticholinergics
    • Corticosteroids
    • Metered-dose vs other types of inhalers
  • Respiratory infections in winter sports athletes
  • Asthma in elite athletes
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation and physical activity
  • Fitness and long-term oxygen therapy/lung transplantation
  • Airflow function and the metabolic syndrome
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doi: 10.3810/psm.2009.10.1728
The Physician and Sportsmedicine: Volume 37: No.3
Functional Improvement with Hylan G-F 20 in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
Victoria A. Brander, MD And Teresa S. Stadler, MD
Abstract: A systematic review of randomized, controlled, prospective clinical studies is described (8 trials; N = 1674 patients), with > 100 patients in each, which evaluated functional outcomes with hylan G-F 20 in secondary analyses. Hylan G-F 20 significantly improved Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) physical function versus appropriate/conventional care or corticosteroid, it significantly improved loss of activity versus saline, and it had similar functional improvements compared with progressive knee exercises or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Functional improvements with hylan G-F 20 also improved with pain relief. Hylan G-F 20 should be considered as part of a multimodal arthritis treatment regimen that focuses on improving function.

Keywords: function; hyaluronic acid; hylan; pain; WOMAC


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