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Six leading medical societies bring you the updated and greatly expanded definitive text on how to conduct a preseason sports physical—12 million of which are done in the United States each year.

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The Physician and Sportsmedicine

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The Physician and Sportsmedicine Online is your source for primary care sports medicine clinical and personal health articles—and for helpful resources like our Sports Medicine Clinics and Fellowships lists. But we're also your link to the rest of the sports medicine community. Send us an e-mail. (Please note: Members of our editorial staff are not physicians and cannot give medical advice or provide referrals for treatment. If you have a medical question, please contact a physician in your area.)

If you would like to receive The Physician and Sportsmedicine and you are a practicing physician living in the United States or any of its territories, and are in one of the following specialties: Family Practice, General Practice, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatrics, Osteopathy, Family Practice/Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Internal Medicine/Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery/Sports Medicine, please fill out and submit the online request form.

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To meet your need for a fast, user-friendly, and cost-effective continuing education opportunity, The Physician and Sportsmedicine, with our sponsor, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), has enhanced its Web-based offerings. The online tests offer American Medical Association Category 1, ACSM CEC, and National Athletic Trainers' Association CEU credits. Tests are based on the same information in the journal (1 month after print publication). Our one-stop CME center allows users to take a self-correcting test, submit payment, and receive a certificate for credits.



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A Nervy Tug-of-War Tip

After participating in the May Day interfraternity tug of war, one of our students could not extend his hand at the wrist. Physical exam revealed neurologic deficit of the radial nerve. Further exam showed an abrasion on the inner aspect of the arm at the midhumeral level, which is where the rope had been while he was continuously pulling for several minutes. The weakness persisted for about 3 days, then resolved. The condition might be called "tug-of-war neuropathy."

- Edward C. White, MD, Middleburg Heights, Ohio

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