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Thank You to Our 1996 Reviewers


The job of a reviewer for a medical journal is anonymous and largely thankless. Yet it is one of the most important elements in the quality and success of this journal. We ask our reviewers to tell us if manuscripts are well organized, timely, accurate, and appropriate for our readers. And we ask them to do this within 30 days. We get all we ask for and more. Thus, I'd like to thank all those who reviewed papers for us in 1996.


Marvin Adner, MD, Framingham, MA
David Anders, MD, Atlanta, GA
Otto Appenzeller, MD, PhD, Albuquerque, NM
Elizabeth Applegate, PhD, Davis, CA
David Araujo, MD, Merced, CA
Raul Artal, MD, Syracuse, NY
James Barrett, MD, Oklahoma City, OK
Tom W. Bartsokas, MD, Franklin, TN
Neil Baum, MD, New Orleans, LA
Jon Berg, MD, Northwood, ND
Thomas Best, MD, Verona, WI
Bradford M. Blanchard, MD, West Hartford, CT
Richard Bowers, PhD, Bowling Green, OH
Brian L. Bowyer, MD, Columbus, OH
Mark D. Bracker, MD, La Jolla, CA
Leonard H. Calabrese, DO, Cleveland, OH
Robert C. Cantu, MD, Concord, MA
Ruth Carey, RD, Portland, OR
Thomas J. Carpenter, DO, Redington Beach, FL
Earl J. Carstensen, MD, Aurora, CO
Donald M. Christie, Jr, MD, Poughkeepsie, NY
Nancy Clark, MS, RD, Brookline, MA
Michael M. Cohen, DO, Hazlet, NJ
Julie Colliton, MD, Denver, CO
Susan Cushman, MD, St. Louis Park, MN
Terence M. Davidson, MD, San Diego, CA
William de Araujo, MD, Winston-Salem, NC
Robert J. Dimeff, MD, Cleveland, OH
Parnell Donahue, MD, Alpharetta, GA
Edward R. Eichner, MD, Oklahoma City, OK
M. Patrice Eiff, MD, Portland, OR
Sandra Adams Eisele, MD, Cincinnati, OH
Harold Elrick, MD, Bonita, CA
Jay C. Erie, MD, Rochester, MN
Mary Ann Everhart-McDonald, MD, MS, Columbus, OH
Richard H. Fabian, MD, Boston, MA
John Feagin, MD, Durham, NC
Gary S. Ferenchick, MD, East Lansing, MI
Daniel Fick, MD, Iowa City, IA
David C. Fiore, MD, Reno, NV
Albert P. Fleury, MD, Victoria, TX
John Flueck, PhD, Las Vegas, NV
Gary Francis, MD, Minneapolis, MN
William E. Garrett, Jr, MD, PhD, Durham, NC
Joe H. Gieck, EdD, Charlottesville, VA
Gary A. Green, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Ralph W. Hale, MD, Washington, DC
Peter G. Hanson, MD, Madison, WI
Sally Harris, MD, MPH, Palo Alto, CA
Herb A. Haupt, MD, St. Louis, MO
Christine E. Haycock, MD, Newark, NJ
John Henderson, DO, Columbus, GA
David L. Herbert, JD, Canton, OH
Stanley A. Herring, MD, Seattle, WA
Edward G. Hixson, Jr, MD, Saranac Lake, NY
Mark R. Hutchinson, MD, Chicago, IL
David L. Jackson, MD, Lexington, KY
Rebecca Jaffe, MD, Wilmington, DE
Mimi D. Johnson, MD, Kirkland, WA
Robert J. Johnson, MD, Minneapolis, MN
Susan Johnson, MD, Iowa City, IA
Roger M. Katz, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Randall E. Keyser, PhD, Baltimore, MD
Kenneth W. Kizer, MD, Washington, DC
William Knopp, MD, Berwyn, IL
Howard G. Knuttgen, PhD, University Park, PA
Robert H. Laird, MD, Kailua-kona, HI
Gregory Landry, MD, Madison, WI
Wayne B. Leadbetter, MD, Rockville, MD
John L. Lehtinen, MD, Marquette, MI
John H. Leversee, MD, Seattle, WA
Joseph R. Martire, MD, Lutherville, MD
Douglas B. McKeag, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Larry G. McLain, MD, Chicago, IL
William C. McMaster, MD, Orange, CA
Donald McNeil, MD, Columbus, OH
Charles T. Mehlman, DO, Cincinnati, OH
Robert C. Meisterling, MD, Stillwater, MN
Amy Myers, MD, Columbus, OH
Conrad E. Nagle, MD, Troy, MI
Aurelia Nattiv, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Andrew W. Nichols, MD, Honolulu, HI
Timothy David Noakes, MBChB, MD, Cape Town, South Africa
Arnold M. Noyek, MD, Toronto, ON, Canada
Francis G. O'Connor, MD, Ft. Belvoir, VA
Carol L. Otis, MD, Malibu, CA
Chester M. Pierce, MD, Cambridge, MA
Andrew Pipe, MD, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Irvine D. Prather, DO, Ft. Worth, TX
Margot Putukian, MD, University Park, PA
Ann Quinn-Zobeck, Greeley, CO
Scott B. Ransom, DO, Detroit, MI
Mark Renneker, MD, San Francisco, CA
Thomas Renshaw, MD, Columbia, SC
Arthur C. Rettig, MD, Indianapolis
Sami Rifat, MD, Rochester Hills, MI
Thomas D. Rizzo, MD, Jacksonville, FL
William O. Roberts, MD, White Bear Lake, MN
John Robertson, MD, Seattle, WA
Jacob D. Rozbruch, MD, New York, NY
Aaron Rubin, MD, Fontana, CA
Douglas A. Rund, MD, Columbus, OH
Robert E. Sallis, MD, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Robert S. Scheinberg, MD, Oceanside, CA
Lew C. Schon, MD, Baltimore, MD
Thomas L. Schwenk, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
Robert B. Schoene, MD, Seattle, WA
Warren Scott, MD, Santa Clara, CA
Nicki Servi, MD, Fort Collins, CO
William M. Sherman, PhD, Columbus, OH
Trent Sickles, MD, Columbus, OH
Daniel M. Siegel, MD, Stony Brook, NY
Angela D. Smith, MD, Cleveland, OH
Christine Snow, PhD, Corvallis, OR
Michael B. Strauss, MD, Long Beach, CA
Jeffrey L. Tanji, MD, Sacramento, CA
Rochelle R. Taube, MD, Edina, MN
Randal J. Thomas, MD, Chicago, IL
Paul D. Thompson, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Marc A. Trzeciak, DO, Cheektowaga, NY
Andrew Tucker, MD, Cleveland, OH
James Tytko, MD, Dayton, OH
Lori Valencic, Houston, TX
Kenneth R. Veenema, MD, Rochester, NY
Paul F. Vinger, MD, Concord, MA
James Violet, DO, Canton, OH
Reginald L. Washington, MD, Denver, CO
Bruce Wenger, MD, PhD, Natick, MA
John Wiesenfarth, MD, MS, Royal Oak, MI
Leonard A. Wilkerson, DO, Kissimmee, FL
Michael T. Yates, PT, Penticton, BC, Canada
James Zachazewski, MS, PT, Newton, MA


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