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May 1997 Table of Contents


Acute Knee Injuries: When to Refer

In the era of managed car, primary care physicians are more often called on to treat musculoskeletal problems. Surveying a wide range of acute knee injuries, the author shows how to diagnose the conditions accurately and make appropriate decisions about referral.

Bernard R. Bach, Jr, MD

Hand Injuries in Rock Climbing: Reaching the Right Treatment

Rock climbers at times hang by just one or two fingers thrust into a small hole or crack, so it's no surprise that they suffer a variety of hand injuries. The authors describe the injuries associated with various grips and offer guidance on treatment and referral.

Peter J.L. Jebson, MD; Curtis M. Steyers, MD

Exercise-Induced Vasovagal Syncope: Limiting the Risks

When an active person has repeated fainting episodes, the big worry is the possibility of a life-threatening cardiac condition. Two case studies are used in discussing the diagnostic work-up, which may progress to tilt-table testing, and the problem of choosing the optimal medication.

David Wang, MD, MS; Scott Sakaguchi, MD

Morton's Neuroma: Getting Patients Back on Track

A report of a young woman with burning forefoot pain illustrates Morton's neuroma, an injury that commonly sidelines active people. Nerve compression is the likely cause of this condition, which often responds well to conservative treatment.

Matthew B. Mollica, B Pod (Honors)

Imaging Quiz: Elbow Pain in a Cyclist

A 40-year-old mountain-bike rider developed pain in his left elbow that prevented pronation of his forearm. See if you can make the diagnosis from his history and radiographs.

Marvin Moe Bell, MD

Managing Overuse Injuries: A Systematic Approach

The aim in managing overuse injuries is to get the patient back in action quickly while equipping him or her to prevent reinjury. The authors describe a carefully designed five-step approach, and demonstrate it in a case report of a 28-year-old man with running-related heel pain.

MAJ Francis G. O'Connor, MD; LTC Thomas M. Howard, MD; Catherine M. Fieseler, MD; Robert P. Nirschl, MD, MS

Help Patients Get Serious About Sunscreens

Many people don't adequately protect their skin from the sun because they misuse or misunderstand sunscreens. You can help patients by dispelling six common sunscreen myths and providing tips on use.

Carol Potera

ECG Quiz: A Heart Murmur and Dyspnea in a 65-Year-Old Runner

A veteran distance runner complained of unusual shortness of breath and had a heart murmur that increased markedly after brief exercise. What's your diagnosis?

John D. Cantwell, MD


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