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PSM at 25—'Fit for the Future'


[25th Anniversary]Throughout 192021 we'll be celebrating The Physician and Sportsmedicine's (PSM's) 25th anniversary. From the time of its launch in June 1973 with Allan J. Ryan, MD, at the helm as editor-in-chief, PSM has been the best and most prominent source of information on the care of active patients.

Why? Because the leaders of PSM have always realized that every patient is an athlete—or at least a potential athlete—so every physician practices sports medicine.

And that is also why PSM is "Fit for the Future." We work hard to maintain the three main components of fitness: strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Our strength is in our leaders and their vision:

  • Editor-in-chief Richard H. Strauss, MD, who keeps PSM's focus on clinical practice: giving you information that will help you with "the next patient who walks through the door";
  • Board members, peer reviewers, and authors from all specialties, who are aware of the most recent developments in their own fields and are eager to spread the word; and
  • A dedicated editorial staff, knowledgeable in their own right, who sift through and present updates from every available medium and venue.

PSM's flexibility is in adapting approach and style as your needs dictate. Complete, trustworthy, peer-reviewed clinical articles are still your greatest need; psm presents physician-written manuscripts that both refresh standard knowledge and convey the newest developments. When controversy itself is an important element of a medical question, PSM journalists consult with experts and write features and news briefs that convey various sides of the debates. You can get a quick update and analysis in our "Highlights" department, read up on the broad issues affecting primary care physicians and their active patients in our series of 25th anniversary commentaries (Dr Strauss inaugurates the series in this issue, page 35), or test yourself with the CME Self Test we produce with the American College of Sports Medicine. PSM is ready for the online information seeker with our award-winning Web site at

We also know that your need for conciseness has never been greater. In this issue, board member William O. Roberts, MD, introduces a new department, "Clinical Techniques," page 93, that will show in one or two illustrated pages how to perform office procedures such as corticosteroid injection, shoulder imaging, and casting or splinting of various injuries.

And our endurance? Well, 25 years speaks for itself. But more important, we're ready to pick up the pace as you need us to—the faster your practice changes and the steeper the curve of advances in knowledge, the harder we'll be working to bring you what you need—every day, with every patient.

In health,
Susan Hawthorne
Executive Editor

P.S. Want to help PSM grow even stronger? We're wondering how our Web site can help you the most. Please answer our faxable survey on page 19, and we'll use your answers to help shape our Internet service!



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