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Thank You to Our 1997 Reviewers


Peer review is one of the most important elements in the quality and success of The Physician and Sportsmedicine. Our reviewers judge whether manuscripts are accurate, complete, timely, and appropriate for our readers, and they guide authors whenever changes are needed. Thus, on behalf of the journal and its readers, I thank all those who reviewed papers published in 1997.

Richard H. Strauss, MD, Editor-in-Chief

Philip Ades, MD, Burlington, VT
Marvin Adner, MD, Framingham, MA
Steven J. Anderson, MD, Seattle
Jack Andrish, MD, Cleveland
David Apple, Jr, MD, Atlanta
Raul Artal, MD, Jamesville, NY
Tom W. Bartsokas, MD, Franklin, TN
Rodney Basler, MD, Lincoln, NE
Bryan P. Bergeron, MD, Brookline, MA
Roy T. Bergman, MD, Lansing, MI
Richard Birrer, MD, Jamaica, NY
Bradford M. Blanchard, MD, West Hartford, CT
Richard Bootzin, MD, Tucson, AZ
Richard Bowers, PhD, Bowling Green, OH
Brian Bowyer, MD, Columbus, OH
Mark Bracker, MD, La Jolla, CA
William Briner, MD, Park Ridge, IL
Robert M. Brock, MD, Willowdale, ON, Canada
Robert T. Brodell, MD, Warren, OH
Robert T. Brown, MD, Columbus, OH
Raymond J. Browne, MD, Birmingham, AL
Janus Butcher, MD, Evans, GA
Robert C. Cantu, MD, Concord, MA
John D. Cantwell, MD, Atlanta
Samuel Capra, Jr, MD, Incline Village, NY
Ruth Carey, RD, Portland, OR
Mark J. Chambers, PhD, Las Vegas
Shawn Chillag, MD, Charleston, WV
Donald Christie, Jr, MD, Poughkeepsie, NY
Paul Cianci, MD, San Pablo, CA
Glenn Ciegler, MD, Stillwater, MN
Kristine Larson Clark, PhD, RD, University Park, PA
Nancy Clark, MS, RD, Brookline, MA
Julie Colliton, MD, Denver
Thomas K. Comfort, MD, St Paul
Stephen Conti, MD, Pittsburgh
Art Crago, MD, Falmouth, MA
Rod Dishman, PhD, Athens, GA
Karen Dolins, MS, RD, Scarsdale, NY
Paul G. Dyment, MD, New Orleans
Michael Easterbrook, MD, Toronto
Jay C. Erie, MD, Rochester, MN
John Feagin, MD, Durham, NC
Daniel Fick, MD, Iowa City
David C. Fiore, MD, Reno, NV
John Flueck, PhD, Las Vegas
Gilbert Gelfand, MD, Downey, CA
Laura Gerace, PhD, University Park, PA
Gary Green, MD, Los Angeles
Peter Hackett, MD, Grand Junction, CO
Peter G. Hanson, MD, Madison, WI
Jack Harvey, MD, Ft Collins, CO
Christine Haycock, MD, Newark, NJ
John Henderson, DO, Columbus, GA
Stanley A. Herring, MD, Seattle
Thomas Heston, MD, Kellogg, ID
Edward G. Hixson, Jr, MD, Saranac Lake, NY
Douglas Hoffman, MD, Middleton, WI
Warren Howe, MD, Bellingham, WA
Rebecca Jaffe, MD, Wilmington, DE
Robert J. Johnson, MD, Minneapolis
Steven Jonas, MD, Stony Brook, NY
Randall E. Keyser, PhD, Baltimore
Mark D. Klaiman, MD, Bethesda, MD
Howard G. Knuttgen, PhD, State College, PA
Robert L. Kronisch, MD, Capitola, CA
Gregory Landry, MD, Madison, WI
Sandra E. Lane, MD, Columbus, OH
Alvin R. Loosli, MD, Walnut Creek, CA
Stephanie Mackey, MD, Lancaster, PA
Joseph C. Maroon, MD, Pittsburgh
Douglas B. McKeag, MD, Pittsburgh
Larry G. McLain, MD, Chicago
Donald McNeil, MD, Columbus, OH
Robert Meislin, MD, Phoenix
Vert Mooney, MD, La Jolla, CA
Tom Moore, MD, Crested Butte, CO
Thomas Mundorff, MD, Oroville, CA
Conrad Nagle, MD, Troy, MI
Andrew W. Nichols, MD, Honolulu
Paul A. Nitz, MD, Dayton, OH
Timothy D. Noakes, MBChB, MD, Cape Town, South Africa
Mary E. O'Brien, MD, Wilmington, NC
Glen B. Pfeffer, MD, San Francisco
Craig Phelps, DO, Phoenix
Chester Pierce, MD, Cambridge, MA
Joshua Port, MD, Altoona, PA
William A. Primos, DO, Charlotte, NC
James C. Puffer, MD, Los Angeles
Margot Putukian, MD, University Park, PA
Martin Reichel, MD, New York City
Mark Renneker, MD, San Francisco
Brent S. E. Rich, MD, ATC, Phoenix
Tom Rizzo, Jr, MD, Jacksonville, FL
William O. Roberts, MD, White Bear Lake, MN
John Robertson, MD, Seattle
Thomas Rowland, MD, Springfield, MA
Ned T. Rupp, MEd, MD, Augusta, GA
Robert Sallis, MD, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
G. James Sammarco, MD, Cincinnati
Robert S. Scheinberg, MD, Oceanside, CA
William Scheyer, MD, Kirkland, WA
Robert B. Schoene, MD, Seattle
Mona Shangold, MD, Philadelphia
Kevin G. Shea, MD, Salt Lake City
K. Donald Shelbourne, MD, Indianapolis
Trent Sickles, MD, Columbus, OH
Arthur Siegel, MD, Belmont, MA
Mark G. Siegel, MD, Cincinnati
Stephen M. Simons, MD, South Bend, IN
Joseph Sirven, MD, Philadelphia
Angela D. Smith, MD, Cleveland
L. Kent Smith, MD, Phoenix
Keith Stanley, MD, Tulsa, OK
Curtis Steyers, MD, Iowa City
Michael B. Strauss, MD, Long Beach, CA
Jeffrey Tanji, MD, Sacramento, CA
Jack Taunton, MD, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Randal J. Thomas, MD, Greenville, SC
Paul D. Thompson, MD, Hartford, CT
Gerald J. Todaro, JD, Columbus, OH
Joseph S. Torg, MD, Philadelphia
James Tytko, MD, Kettering, OH
Lori Valencic, MEd, RD, Houston
Paul Vinger, MD, Concord, MA
Ty Wadsworth, MD, St Louis
David Wang, MD, MS, Minneapolis
Robert Watkins, MD, Los Angeles
John M. Weiler, MD, Iowa City
Bruce Wenger, MD, PhD, Natick, MA
Melvin H. Williams, PhD, Norfolk, VA
Joe Wilson, MD, Atlanta
Randall R. Wroble, MD, Columbus, OH
Allen R. Wyler, MD, Seattle
Bertran Zarins, MD, Boston



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