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December 192021 Table of Contents


Anniversary Commentary

Automatic External Defibrillators in the Sports Arena
The Right Place, the Right Time

Definitive, research-based answers about the value of automatic external defibrillators are lacking, but the devices are so clearly effective that they should be available in sports settings—and lots of other places as well.

John D. Cantwell, MD

Acing Common Skin Problems in Tennis Players

Tennis players worry more about blistering serves than blistered skin, but a variety of skin problems can slow them down on the court. Here's what you need to know about "stringer's fingers," talon noir, tennis toe, and other skin ailments of the tennis crowd.

Rodney S. W. Basler, MD; Michael A. Garcia

Exercise Is Medicine

Exercise and Menopause
A Time for Positive Changes

Although daytime sweating doesn't necessarily relieve night sweats, exercise is still one of the best tools to help women smooth the bumpy road through menopause. And the health concerns that come with midlife may make women more receptive to advice about exercise.

Mona M. Shangold, MD, with Carl Sherman

Patient Adviser
Exercise for Midlife Women

Mona M. Shangold, MD, with Carl Sherman

Pulmonary Embolism
Sifting the Risk Factors

A female cross-country runner who suffered chest pain and dyspnea while running was found to have pulmonary emboli. To help identify the cause and determine the duration of treatment, the authors tested the patient for genetic defects that increase the risk of venous thromboembolism.

Kimberly G. Harmon, MD; Matthew B. Roush, MD

Imaging Quiz
Posterior Ankle Pain in a Recreational Athlete

An amateur soccer player had puzzling right ankle pain that intensified when he ran, jumped, or kicked the ball. Can you make the diagnosis from his history and bone scan?

Carlos E. Jimenez, MD; Ernesto Torres, MD

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Editor's Notes
Treating Athletes: Medicine Under Pressure

Continuing Sportsmedicine Education

Editorial Board/Staff

Letters to the Editor
Weight Certification Laughable;
Technique for Face Mask Removal

News Briefs
ACSM Report Stresses Strength Training for Seniors
School Drug Testing of Nonathletes Survives Test

Does Screening Prevent Sudden Death in Young Athletes? Late-Onset Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


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Exercise Adviser
Pain-Free Feet: Helpful Hints for Runners
Lloyd Nesbitt, DPM

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Clinical Techniques
Shoulder Stability Testing Using the Lateral Decubitus Position
James P. Tasto, MD

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