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1998 Winter Olympic Games

Watching the Winter Olympics can be like watching case studies in progress. Some athletes compete despite injuries or other medical conditions; for them, the physician's management plan works quietly behind the scenes. For other athletes, dramatic injuries threaten medal hopes, and their medical care—for the moment—takes center stage. The Physician and Sportsmedicine Online will monitor sports news sources to bring you the latest medical news from the Winter Olympics. And we'll 'translate' Olympics events into practical treatment information for keeping your everyday athletes—from duffers to fitness enthusiasts to serious competitors—in top form.


Regular updates of medical news.

February 23, 1998

  • German four-man bobsled team went without food the week before competition.
  • Biathlon participants underwent blood tests for erythropoietin (EPO).
  • United States bobsledder has had ongoing hamstring strain.
  • Winter Paralympic Games will be held March 5 through 14 in Nagano, Japan.

February 20, 1998

  • Canadian bobsledder injured by falling debris at Olympic Village.
  • List of physicians and athletic trainers for United States athletes in 1998 Paralympic Winter Games.
  • United States Olympic Committee launches effort to boost sports medicine services.

February 19, 1998

  • Olympic drug testing officials announce two more positive tests for marijuana use.
  • Center for Canadian men's hockey team injures knee.
  • Austrian skier overcomes several injuries to win silver medal winner in men's giant slalom.

February 18, 1998

  • United States aerial freestyle skier wins gold medal despite recent shoulder injury.
  • United States aerial freestyle skier wins gold medal after rehabilitation from back injury.
  • Japanese paper reports that Canadian doping lab sent IOC report suggesting that Canadian snowboard gold medalist may have taken marijuana directly.
  • United States speed skater overcomes chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • United States speed skater diagnosed last fall as having exercise-induced asthma.

February 17, 1998

  • US ski jumper injured in fall during men's aerial elimination competition.
  • Flu outbreak appears to have peaked.
  • US figure skater bothered by injury to right hip flexor.
  • US figure skater finished seventh despite hip injury.
  • Canadian figure skater skated in pain because of 6-week old groin injury.

February 13, 1998

  • Two skiers sustain crash injuries on same turn on men's downhill course.
  • Two American athletes recovering from lower-back strains.
  • Finland's Nordic ski team physician and manager injured in car accident.
  • International Olympic Committee announces that it will review policy about marijuana use.
  • Canadian figure skater finishes second in men's short program despite bout with flu.
  • Snowboarder, who missed making United States team, killed by avalanche.

February 12, 1998

  • Canadian snowboarder will get to keep gold medal.
  • Goalie for the Chinese women's hockey team injures hand.
  • Acupuncturists in Nagano offering free treatment to Olympic athletes and officials.

February 11, 1998

  • Gold medal winner in men's snowboard giant slalom tests positive for marijuana use and will lose gold medal.
  • Member of US Bobsled team expected to be removed from team after denial of appeal to have banned-substance suspension rescinded.
  • German pairs figure skaters win a bronze medal despite recent shoulder injury.
  • US figure skater misses opening ceremonies to undergo therapy on foot.

February 10, 1998

  • Member of Chinese women's ice hockey team injures neck and back.
  • US speed skater credits knee injury for switch from figure skating to speed skating.
  • Member of US curling team to undergo kidney transplant surgery this summer.

February 9, 1998

  • Canadian biathlete struggles in world competition because of hyperthyroidism.
  • Russian pairs skater competing despite a severe head injury.
  • Olympic medical officials are monitoring an influenza outbreak among Nagano children.
  • American ski racer skipping practices because of muscle spasms in lower back.
  • IOC medical officials will be using new test to detect elevated testosterone levels.

February 6, 1998

  • Ergogenic use of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride in the National Hockey League.
  • Athletes who have aches and pains might find some relief at the Zenkoji Temple.
  • Eastern medicine has a different view of how physicians should treat inflammation.


News articles that analyze of Olympic-related medical events.

February 6, 1998

February 5, 1998

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Mark R. Hutchinson, MD - orthopedic surgeon - Chicago
Christine A. Rosenbloom, RD, PhD - nutritionist - Atlanta
Matthew S. Shapiro, MD - orthopedic surgeon - Los Angeles
Phillip B. Sparling, EdD - exercise physiologist - Atlanta
Randall Swain, MD - family practitioner - Charleston, West Virginia
Leonard A. Wilkerson, DO - family practitioner - Kissimmee, Florida
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