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Welcome, New Editors!

Strengthening the Journal, Serving the Readers


One of the pleasures of working in sports medicine is being part of the energy and excitement as this international, multidisciplinary field develops. Bringing this to you, the clinician—focusing on the practical implications of the field's discoveries—is the overall mission of The Physician and Sportsmedicine. One of the major links in this process—the journal's eyes and ears—is our editorial board. (Please turn to page 5 to see the list of our new and returning board members.)

The Physician and Sportsmedicine has always enjoyed an excellent, highly involved editorial board, and the present board is no exception. Our board members are leaders in the field of sports medicine and are sought after as speakers, writers, and collaborators. Many are team physicians at high school through Olympic levels. Others focus on research, teaching, and writing; many more on office-based patient care. This committed group of physicians and clinical scientists represents the breadth of sports medicine: primary care, rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery, nutrition, human performance, exercise cardiology, and related fields. All of them have demanding schedules. We are extremely grateful for their willingness to serve and guide the journal, and we are proud that they consider The Physician and Sportsmedicine an important vehicle for communicating their thoughts to you.

We particularly want to welcome the board's new members. More members of the international and clinical science communities have joined us, reflecting both the field and the journal's circulation. In addition, we have established a board of Senior Associate Editors. These acknowledged experts will serve as our closest advisers in interpreting the growth of the field and the needs of our 112,000 subscribers.

What does the editorial board do? The most important job is to ensure integrity in the peer review process. The time taken for each review and the quality and detail of the comments transmitted to the author are major contributions; these steps ensure top-notch education for the journal's readers and advancement of the field through the exchange of information between author and reviewer. The second function is to represent the vast field of sports medicine from the board member's "home discipline." In practical terms, this means each board member keeps us abreast of the important topics and authors in his or her field. The third critical task, which we acknowledge in the title "Department and Series Editors," is to provide ongoing content input and quality control for a journal department or article series.

Thus, our goal in assembling an editorial board with such superior credentials is to provide you, the reader, with the best possible range of topics and quality of content, the newest concepts and ideas, and the very best "filtering," interpretation, and peer review process. In short, we want to provide you the best sports medicine journal in the world.

Remember, too, that we and the editorial board can give you more when we hear from you. If you know board members, contact them. Let them know what you need from the journal. Or contact us directly. Executive Editor Susan Hawthorne will be happy to take your e-mails at [email protected]. We look forward to your input.

Gordon O. Matheson, MD, PhD