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Tradition and Trajectory, January 2000


I've enjoyed the millennial excitement. I'm struck particularly by the number of retrospective stories the three zeroes have inspired—Newsweek's "Voices of the Century" series, or A&E's "Biography of the Millennium: 100 People 1000 Years," to pick two examples. And I'm anxiously anticipating 00:00 hrs January 1 to see if anything really weird happens in my life. I haven't seen too many futuristic reports (as I write this, it is early December), which strikes me as odd—after all, looking both back and forward is a January tradition.

One way The Physician and Sportsmedicine (PSM) looks back is to publish a thank you to our reviewers each January (page 8). Wardens of quality, these referees provide an invaluable service to the journal and its readers. This year we also begin a new tradition of publicly thanking our department editors: They are board members Jim Moeller, MD, who reviews our Web and print CME offerings each month; Bill Roberts, MD, who coordinates the "Clinical Techniques" department, working with senior editor Robert Roos; Aaron Rubin, MD, who works with associate editor Paul Mamula, PhD, to create "Highlights"; and Robert E. Sallis, MD, who helps senior associate editor Lisa Schnirring find and polish "Pearls."

Thanks are due also to our board members, whose advice guides the journal in many ways. And, of course, to our many authors, whose care and diligence is evident throughout each issue.

As we start our 28th year at PSM, we're also looking forward, planning to build on success. I hope you have already noticed our fresh look, which features a cleaner, more open design and additional color throughout the journal. Design director Steve Blom worked diligently to preserve elements of PSM's classic layout while providing new and better ways for readers to access and enjoy the content. (Steve, by the way, has just celebrated his 25th anniversary with the journal.) Illustrators Phil and Jim Bliss, based in Fairport, New York, designed icons that represent each department and give an extra touch of color to the pages. Art production manager Mary Schill was central to bringing the pages to life.

You'll notice over the next few months that in the redesign the various article types have been more clearly differentiated. Review articles, case reports, clinical quizzes, and research articles have their own designs, in keeping with their distinctive purposes.

Including research in the journal brings us back to our roots: In PSM's early years, we published much research, followed by a decade-long hiatus during which almost no studies were presented. Now we are slowly reintroducing high-quality clinical research to our mix, usually in the form of brief reports.

Our departments have also had a facelift. Each brings you short articles that update you and add to your knowledge base. "Highlights" has, with this issue, become "Best of the Literature." Here, we give you succinct abstracts from journals published around the world, selected because of the results' impact on the practice of sports medicine. Expert reviewers interpret the findings to clarify the relevance to your clinical practice. "News Briefs" analyzes clinically important issues from various perspectives—and has a little fun with snippets from the scholarly and popular press. "Pearls" are tidbits you would never see in formal articles or textbooks. They are the real-life tips you get in medical school or at clinical teaching conferences.

Speaking futuristically, keep in mind that another way PSM is branching out is our website, Many physicians have taken advantage of our online CME program, getting AMA Category 1 credit for the pleasure of reading the journal. We hope you join them.

Finally, let me thank you, the reader, for your past and future loyalty. You're why we're here.

Gordon O. Matheson, MD, PhD



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