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Gordon O. Matheson, MD, PhDEditor-in-Chief
In his role as Editor-in-Chief, Gordon O. Matheson, MD, PhD, works to transfer knowledge and skills gained from the care of athletes to readers of The Physician and Sportsmedicine and their patients. Dr. Matheson is associate professor and Chief of the Division of Sports Medicine in the medical school at Stanford University; he is also Director of Sports Medicine for the Athletic Department and Head Team Physician for Stanford's 800 varsity athletes. He has served as President of the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine and has been a team physician at many levels including World Championships, the Olympic Games, and the National Hockey League. He founded the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. A native of Unity, Saskatchewan, he received his medical degree from the University of Calgary and his doctorate in exercise physiology from the University of British Columbia. Dr Matheson loves to ski and golf. He lives in Stanford, California, with his wife and three children.
Jim WappesExecutive Editor
Jim Wappes has been with The Physician and Sportsmedicine since 1990. He has overall responsibility for the professional tone, content, visual presentation, and editorial policy of The Physician and Sportsmedicine. A journalism graduate from The University of Minnesota, he enjoys running, basketball, volleyball, and all things outdoors--canoeing, camping, and hiking--with his wife and five small children.
Lisa SchnirringSenior Editor
Lisa Schnirring is a journalism graduate from The University of Minnesota who joined The Physician and Sportsmedicine in 1990 after several years as a newspaper reporter and trade journal editor. She oversees the editorial side of production flow, reviews edited manuscripts, and manages the News Briefs and Pearls departments. A Georgia native, she enjoys winter sports and karate.
Paul Mamula, PhDAssociate Editor
Paul Mamula joined The Physician and Sportsmedicine from Hospital Practice, another McGraw-Hill publication, in 1999. He edits the Best of the Literature section and technical manuscripts. He earned his PhD in medical genetics from Indiana University and was a research scientist at the University of California, San Francisco and at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles before joining the publishing world. Paul and his wife, a research scientist, are avid readers of science fiction and enjoy hiking and cross-country skiing.
Patricia MeesAssistant Editor
Patricia Mees joined The Physician and Sportsmedicine in 1999. With a degree in humanities and biology and an extensive background in administration, creative writing, and design, she does clinical editing, coordinates the PSM CME program, and contributes to Field Notes and Pearls. She enjoys exploring shamanism and alternative healing, Celtic history, yoga, hiking, gardening, and screenplay writing.
Teresa MinniManuscript Coordinator
Teresa (Terri) Minni began this position with The Physician and Sportsmedicine in May 2000 after holding several posts with the publication since 1979. Her duties include supervising the flow of manuscripts, handling permission requests, and monitoring database improvements. She is actively involved with Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and her two children's school. She also enjoys outdoor family adventures with her husband, children, and dog.
Contributing Editor
Susan Hawthorne


Gordon O. Matheson, MD, PhD
Stanford, California

John D. Cantwell, MD

Cindy Chang, MD
Berkeley, California

Kim Harmon, MD

Howard G. Knuttgen, PhD

  William O. Roberts, MD
St. Paul

Aaron Rubin, MD
Fontana, California

Robert E. Sallis, MD
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Ian Shrier, MD, PhD

Ross Anderson, PhD

Jack Taylor Andrish, MD

Elizabeth Arendt, MD

Raul Artal, MD
St Louis

Thomas Best, MD, PhD
Madison, Wisconsin

Steven N. Blair, PED

Barry P. Boden, MD
Rockville, Maryland

Peter D. Bruckner, MBBS
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dennis Caine, PhD
Bellingham, Washington

Robert C. Cantu, MD
Concord, Massachusetts

Donald M. Christie, Jr, MD
Lewiston, Maine

Andrew J. Cole, MD
Bellevue, Washington

William Dexter, MD
Portland, ME

Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD
Havertown, Pennsylvania

Barry A. Franklin, PhD
Birmingham, Michigan

Michael Fredericson, MD
Stanford, California

Peter Fricker, MBBS
Belconnen, ACT, Australia

Victor F. Froelicher, MD
Palo Alto, California

William E. Garrett, Jr, MD, PhD
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

James G. Garrick, MD
San Francisco

Neil F. Gordon, MD, PhD
Savannah, Georgia

Gary A. Green, MD
Los Angeles

Lawrence Hart, MB, BCh
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

William L. Haskell, PhD
Palo Alto, California

Richard J. Hawkins, MD
Vail, Colorado

Stanley A. Herring, MD

Warren B. Howe, MD
Bellingham, Washington

Mark R. Hutchinson, MD

Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
Lexington, Kentucky

Robert J. Johnson, MD

Barry D. Jordan, MD
White Plains, New York

Elizabeth A. Joy, MD
Salt Lake City

Mark S. Juhn, DO

Pekka Kannus, MD
Tampere, Finland

Karim Khan, MD, PhD
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

W. Ben Kibler, MD
Lexington, Kentucky

Harold W. Kohl III, PhD

Gregory Landry, MD
Madison, Wisconsin

Connie Lebrun, BSc, MDCM
London, Ontario, Canada

James G. Macintyre, MD, MPE
Salt Lake City

  David J. Magee, PT, PhD
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Bert R. Mandelbaum, MD
Santa Monica, California

Paul R. McCrory, MBBS, PhD
Balwyn, Victoria, Australia

Edward G. McFarland, MD

Douglas B. McKeag, MD

James L. Moeller, MD
Sterling Heights, Michigan

Nicholas G. Mohtadi, MD, MSc
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jonathan Myers, PhD
Palo Alto, California

Aurelia Nattiv, MD
Los Angeles

Robert P. Nirschl, MD, MS
Arlington, Virginia

Paul A. Nitz, MD
Dayton, Ohio

Timothy David Noakes, MBChB, MD
Cape Town, South Africa

John O'Kane, MD

Robert Petrella, MD, PhD
London, Ontario, Canada

Andrew Pipe, MD

Joel M. Press, MD

James C. Puffer, MD
Los Angeles

Margot Putukian, MD
University Park, Pennsylvania

Per Renström, MD, PhD

Larissa Roux, MD, MPH
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Marc Safran, MD
San Francisco

Thomas L. Schwenk, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Matthew S. Shapiro, MD
Eugene, Oregon

Roy J. Shephard, MD, PhD, DPE
Brackendale, British Columbia, Canada

Kurt Spindler, MD
Nashville, Tennessee

Carl L. Stanitski, MD
Charleston, South Carolina

Jeffrey L. Tanji, MD
Sacramento, California

Suzanne Tanner, MD
London, Ontario, Canada

Mark Tarnopolsky, MD, PhD
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Jack Taunton, MD
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Paul D. Thompson, MD
Hartford, Connecticut

Willem van Mechelen, MD, PhD

Paul F. Vinger, MD
Concord, Massachusetts

Ilkka M. Vuori, MD
Tampere, Finland

Preston Wiley, MPE, MD
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Melvin H. Williams, PhD
Norfolk, Virginia

Jack H. Wilmore, PhD
College Station, Texas

Edward M. Wojtys, MD
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Randall R. Wroble, MD
Columbus, Ohio



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